Meals, Snacks & Rest



Mornings & Lunchtime


The morning snack is around 9.30 to10.00am and includes fruit, milk, and various biscuits/crackers/rice cakes (sweet and savoury).

Children in the Little Explorers Room have their lunch from 11:30 to 12:15pm. Pre-School children eat at 12:20pm in the Dining Room

Lunch is prepared by our Nursery Cook, Emily, and is a hot meal with pudding. All meals contain vegetables, although these are not always visible to children! We also have bowls of vegetables on the tables and encourage children to serve themselves. Lunch is a very sociable time and is a fantastic learning opportunity.

Menus are on display for parents to view at the beginning of each week. We cater for food preferences such as vegetarian and any food allergies that your child may have.





The afternoon snack is at around 3:30pm, and consists of fruit and various items such as toast, crumpets, sandwiches etc.

Again, menus are displayed.

Meal times are a fantastic opportunity for learning and social interactions.



Rest & Quiet Times


All children need their quiet times throughout the day.

At Toddington Nursery School, we give children the access to our quiet room where they can lie down, read books etc.  There are cots and sleep mats available and each child will have their own sheets and are given the opportunity to sleep throughout the day.

It tends to be after lunch that the children will want quiet/rest time, however we will plan around your child’s daily routine and sleep pattern to ensure their needs are met.